Blessings of Great Mystics

The Begining

Hi Friends This web site is an attempt to share the feelings of like minded people who are on a

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Knack for Just Being: Effortless and natural approach to find stillness and freedom | Distilled Wisdom

To be still inside out is Chup Saadhun or knack for just being and not doing anything nor interfering if

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How do I develop willpower, laser focus & get peace | Distilled Wisdom

Laser focus can be developed mainly through meditation and choose to do one and only one at a time, and

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How Not to Crash with Others and Be Happy | Distilled Wisdom

If we compare with others then there is never enough, and even our heaven appears as hell. When we focus only

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Sharanaagati : Worry is sin in devotion

This is a very subtle point mentioned by Swami Ramsukh Das Ji in his book ‘Jeevanopayogi Pravachan’ and ‘Sharanaagati’. We

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Be open Be hungry and Remain Blessed

Learning is not always knowing what you don’t know but more about awakening your best pieces that you have already, increasing the reality index and value of it, and creating the required positive pressure for you to make the shift of awareness from false to the truth, from mundane to priority, from confusion to clarity. And above all, readiness to pay the price whatever it takes. 

Need of Dhyan or Meditation – Part 2

In previous blog I discussed about one simple way to do Dhyan. Let’s see some practical implementations. In our daily life,

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