Knack for Just Being: Effortless and natural approach to find stillness and freedom | Distilled Wisdom

To be still inside out is Chup Saadhun or knack for just being and not doing anything nor interfering if any thinking triggers automatically but in all respects not supporting any doing or thinking. Chup Saadhun is referred as CS everywhere in this write-up. Chup Saadhun is a Hindi word, Chup means being silent and still, and Saadhun means a way or approach or means to meet your ultimate purpose.

Psychological set up for CS

Understand and decide well that I don’t have to do anything in this CS. Not for self nor for the world, not for this life or next, nothing needs to be done at all. Sit with this conviction and understanding. Suitable time for CS session is as soon as we get up from sleep. After you wake up, pray for few seconds in your usual way, and then sit for CS session. As in during deep sleep, there was no thought about doing something or reaching somewhere, similarly, in wakeful state simulate the same conditions and do not do or think anything. Not even engage in reflection, mental-journaling, introspection or meditation. Moreover, don’t even hold this idea of not-doing-anything too hard or else this will become another effort for you. In reality, when we attach to mind and body then only, the question of doing matters, otherwise not-doing-anything is something natural and self-proven.

Initially, if somebody has deep faith in divine then he can visualize that he is lying in the lotus feet of Lord and then drop thinking, drop the initial visualization too. But this is not required but kind of initial help for few who find it difficult not to do anything.

Last but not least, we should finish up any essential task before entering the session because it is quite likely to get recurring thought about impending tasks during a session if left undone.

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Source: Knack for Just Being: Effortless and natural approach to find stillness and freedom | Distilled Wisdom

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